Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quirks, habits.... Whatever you call them...

Second post in one day? This might become addicting! However, sitting here watching my son I had this urge to document something.
We all can see who our kids look like, who they act like, and where they inherit certain attributes, but I think we often overlook some things. The habits.
Gabby has this funny little thing she does with her tongue when she is concentrating, her daddy does it too. She stands with her hands on her hips so often it could be her signature pose, she gets that from me.
Alex, until today i don't think I noticed many of his little quirks. I mean, he talks in his sleep like his daddy, and has since before he could actually form words. He can get so zoned into the TV that you can say his name 8 times before he hears you, again, like his daddy. But just now I looked over at him watching a show and noticed him doing something. Something that i myself do ALL THE TIME, and as a matter of fact, was doing at that very moment. My son? He's a lip biter. Just like his momma.

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