Thursday, December 11, 2008

Helllllooooo is anybody in there.... and Hiccups in my mouth.

So Yesterday on a visit to the drive thu at the bank with my three year old son,Alex., he was so anticipating the "pop" he knew was coming. As we pulled up there was one car ahead of us, that however did not stop him from trying to make his presence known. He leaned as far forward in his seat as possible and began his little comedy routine.
A. : "Helllloooo.... can you see me? Is anybody in there?? A pop please?, Hellllloooooo.....??"
ME: "A.C. we aren't at the window yet, we have to wait our turn, their is one car in front of us then I will get you your pop."
A : "oh, why are they stopped... why aren't they moving?"
ME : "Because buddy, they aren't done yet, oh... there they go. It's our turn. "
A : "Yay!! It's our turn. 3 pops please. Hello? Can you see me?"
ME : "Excuse me? How many pops?"
A : "One pop please. Please I have one pop? Here it comes"

Okay so for the record, I was cracking up at my little man leaning as far forward as he could in our van with the tinted windows just to make sure he gets his pop.

Then last night after spending a few hours with daddy at the restaurant where he works the two kids decided they wanted to ride home in seperate cars. Gabby wanted to go with daddy, which left me alone again with our dear son. That was just an opening for yet another comedic exchange. As we left the restaurant my little man had hiccups. A little further down the road this exchange took place.
A. : "Mommy I don't have the hiccups no more."
ME : "What buddy?" (I didn't hear him well)
A : "I don't have hiccups no more, they aren't in my mouth."
Me : "Good, well where do you think they went??"
A : "In Gabby's Mouth"

He has a future in comedy. I just know it.

Let's try this thing again...

So when I first started this blog it was only so I could make public my 911 tribute blog on the 5th anniversary of that tragic event. Since that day i have only posted here one other time and I actually had to google to find this blog again. I blog from time to time on my Myspace page, but it's weird. Sometimes I just want to post something to get things off my mind and their are people that are on my Myspace that I don't want to see those things. Not because I am being mean or hateful towards any particular person, just because sometimes people comment just out of a feeling of obligation. I don't need that. Strangers won't do that. And for now I believe only strangers will happen upon this blog once in a while. I am looking to start a daily or maybe weekly chronicle of my life happinings. I want a place to go back to when I want to remember what was happening at a certain time in my life. I want to write about my life, my love and my children.
It was my son who first made me want to try this blogging thing again. I want to document the cute things he does and says. His sister too. I want to remember these things when they are older and I don't always think to grab a pen and paper and write them down. So consider this my prologue with my first true blog to follow!!!