Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to "Not Me Monday" This blog carnival was created by Mckmama. Head right on over to her blog to see what she, and everyone else have not been doing this week!

As for me, here is what I have NOT been up to this week.

Firstly, I did not choose to keep my kids home from childcare last week because there was no school so they didn't need to go.
Then on that same note, I most certainly did not buy my children Happy Meals from Mcdonalds for lunch two days in a row because we were out running errands and I did not lose track of time until the three year old didn't claim to be hungry. That would be very Unmommy like of me.

I did not completely love seeing my children during their swimming lessons that I am not usually able to attend. I am not super proud of how well they are doing in the water, especially my 6 year old who would NEVER put her face in the water. (But she does!)

I did not fall down the stairs at my parents house Friday night as I was leaving. That would be super embarrassing, even though it was really snowy and I was essentially wearing slippers. My Cell phone did not then spend the night in the snow at their house because I did not drop it when I didn't fall.

I did not almost Cry when I discovered my cell phone missing. I definitely did not spend a good 45 minutes sending texts to Keith from the computer trying to locate it. And I was not super thankful that although I had neglected the poor Celly, it still worked after thawing in front of the parents wood stove.

I did not have two birthday parties to attend on Saturday back-to-back, and I most certainly did not assume that at least one of them would have more than cake and ice cream so therefore i did not feed my babies lunch before we went. My children did not eat just cake and Ice cream for lunch. (Especially after the two days of Mcdonalds)

I did not save $60 on 6 toys by hitting up a sale that a friend told me about. I most certainly did not allow each of my children to choose something, and i did not buy two toys that I have no idea who to give them too just because they were 80% off. I am not proud of myself for hitting two super awesome sales in as many weeks.

And lastly, I did not take my children Tubing down huge mountain type hills at speeds of 35mph or more on nothing but a rubber tube. My children did not absolutely love this and my 3 year old did not repeatedly say it was, "Awesome" and "Super cool."
Nope, Not me.

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